Protect your home today with a Standby Generator

Cover what is important

At Total Comfort, we are dedicated to providing complete comfort and protection to our customers. With Honeywell standby generators, your can be at ease. We offer a vast range of sizes to backup every circuit in your home.

Mobile Link™

Using your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, you can now monitor your generator's status from anywhere. With Mobile Link™, you are constantly connected with your generator and are able to recieve 40 different notifications. You are also capable of sending them to your maintainance provider.

Dependable, Quiet, and Solid

Our units are equipped with the Generac OHVI® engine. This engine is designed specifically for generator use, as it is very quiet and reliable. Low speed automotive engines are installed in our larger units that run at 1800 RPM, which results in very low noise. Honeywell generators are equipped with noise reduction panels, and WhisperCheck™ mode, which is even quieter than normal operation.

Runs Until Your Power is Restored

Honeywell generators run off of your home's current natural gas or LP fuel supply. Both easily meet EPA clean air standards, don't face the spilling or storage issues of diesel, and are in continuous supply.

Durable, Ready for Any Conditions

The premium aluminum enclosure is modeled to withstand winds up to 150 mph and has a 3rd party certification to NFPA standards allowing for installations as close as 18” from the home. The RhinoCoat™ finish adds superior weather protection and resists corrosion, even in salt air.

  • User friendly, easy to read display
  • LED's clearly indicate the current operating mode
  • Easy to change the temperature or operating mode
  • Adjustments of one degree increments from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Display communicates current status, mode and set point, and displays error messages when applicable

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